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If a time-traveling duck crossed through parallel dimensions in search of a mate, books from Minor Flock Publishing would be what it reads to pass the time while in Interdimensional Customs. Release your inner time-traveling duck and dive into the pages of our novels and let the journey take you away.

    About Minor Flock

    Are you taking submissions

    We are currently closed to submissions but will announce here when we are seeking creative, enthralling, and inclusive stories that will enliven the hearts and minds of readers everywhere.

    What kind of books do you publish?

    At Minor Flock, we publish books that bring laughs easily while asking people to question their thoughts and preconceived notions about the world around them. We want our readers to enjoy the time they spend with us and readily spread the word to the world around them to bring more readers into our flock.

    How can I find out about new book, events, etc?

    Sign up for our email list! Also, follow us on all our social media platforms where we will post regular updates about our latest works as well as any appearances we will be making. We look forward to interacting with you in as many ways as this world will ever allow.