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Twigs of Death

Power in life is fleeting. Power over existence is eternal. In Ephorus, the power of creation and destruction lay dormant, waiting to be unleashed to set right the course of time. If Marian were to let her father, The Master of Steinigen, succeed in his quest to obtain them, all life in Ephorus and in the realm of death would be under his rule. If Marian is to succeed, existence would be set on its natural course, restoring the darkness before the dawn of a new creation.

A Unicorn's Guide to the Multiverse

Charlie, alone with his thoughts, is looking for an exit, unwilling to suffer through the rest of a life stuck deep in depression. Unfortunately for him, his lack of existence is tied to more than just his own timeline. Across the multiverse, his combined existence is fleeing from reality and an interdimensional being is now tasked to save him. This frequency radiating in interdimensional space (Frids) takes the shape of a cardboard unicorn and travels the multiverse with Charlie to save him from himself and restore stability to the entire cosmos.



Stationary Aviary

A gift of an origami bird from a passing stranger was the welcome start to an idle day. Months had drifted away with nothing for Devon to note. Life was passing him by quickly and his inspiration to achieve more than to simply exist was fading. But the spark from the bird, the smile of the beguiling woman, was the beginning of a dream stuck in static waiting to be set free.

About Minor Flock

If a time-traveling duck crossed through parallel dimensions in search of a mate, books from Minor Flock Publishing would be what it reads to pass the time while in Interdimensional Customs. Release your inner time-traveling duck and dive into the pages of our novels and let the journey take you away.

Do You Take Submissions?

We are currently closed to submissions but will announce here when we are seeking creative, enthralling, and inclusive stories that will enliven the hearts and minds of readers everywhere.

What kind of books do you publish?

At Minor Flock, we publish books that bring laughs easily while asking people to question their thoughts and preconceived notions about the world around them. We want our readers to enjoy the time they spend with us and readily spread the word to the world around them to bring more readers into our flock.